Some oddities come to mind from time to time when I think of Nigeria. Many of these have become a staple part of my conversation, so I decided to put “pen to paper”

Lagos is a sprawling conurbation of 10 to 15 million (depending on whose version of the “census” you want to accept). Even if one takes the lower figure, that implies there are more people in Lagos than you have in the Republic of Togo, a country with an estimated 6.3 million inhabitants. Now, that is an explosive mix. I’m not talking about urban congestion today, so I’ll keep it for another day.

Using very conservative estimates, if only 40% of Lagosians go out everyday by the public transportation system, this implies about 4 million people. If (I take liberties to extend my assumptions further), each of these 4 million spends N100 on transportation each day, the implication is that there is an urban transportation system which generates N400million naira (that’s £2million / $3.5mllion) daily.

This is the sector that has been left in the hands of AGBEROS! Where else but in Nigeria would you leave a £2million daily turnover in the hands of folks who presumably don’t pay taxes, who probably do not understand the impact their actions may have on other economic activities, who do not care about infrastructure maintenance and who definitely do not have a notion of what constitutes proper service delivery.

I hope some day a better evaluation (beyond the institution of BRT) would be taken of this joke, but until then… Oga mi, o wa l’egbe o!


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