Saburi, the renegade of my generation

This is the story of Saburi
Saburi, the son of a wealthy man
Born with a silver spoon, was Saburi
His father, of the NPN clan.

If I had been born in the same family
My older brother, Saburi, might be.
For he is but a few years older than me
This famous man called Saburi

Saburi, was sent to the best of schools
Schooled of Oxford, studied the military
His teachers were definitely not fools
Perhaps unlike me, taught at Iyanfoworogi

When Saburi left the his British military study
And became a Naija politician
I thought he was a bit barmy
But held my peace, for I’m no mental physician

Then Saburi went to the House
I thought, to be a light for my generation
Four years on, yet without a spouse
Saburi was number 4 in the Nation

Oh, we believed change had arrived
For near the top, was a young man at last
Soon we’d be rid of those who’ve deprived
Our nation of its greatness in the past

But slowly I saw Saburi’s mutation
First, from a bachelor to a married man
Then a beacon of hope, turned an totem of frustration;
He sadly turned out to be another PDP clansman

A product of the best British schools
Has become a companion of fools.
A man who ought to be a leader
Had all but turned a ditherer

In his most perfidious incarnation to date,
He turned up in the House with fangs
Bared at the woman employed to communicate
And told her to resign for daring to break ranks

Ah! Egbon Saburi, I now see you are not different
Between you and the rest of the farrago
Who have made the nation impotent
All for bags of Ghana-must-go…

Dedicated to Broda Saburi…


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