When you find her, you will know

To the world, she may be a sow
But to you, she’s the princess from a fairy tale
To other men, she may be a nag
But to you, she’s your prop
Everyone else may think nothing of her
But to you, she is everything
The world may rush by and ignore her
But your heart stops in its tracks each time you see her
She may be the worst stammerer on earth
Yet to you ears, her stutter is divine music.
Her calves may bulge like malformed potatoes
Yet to you eyes, no legs are more shapely than hers.
Her breasts may sag like rain-drenched socks
Yet your eyes will adjure them to be Himalaya’s cleavage.

Others may trample on your dreams
But she’ll follow you to the world’s end and beyond,
to make a success of your dreams
You may have a beer tankard for a gut,
Yet to her, no six-pack abdomen could be sexier than yours.
Your breath may put a garlic farm to shame,
Yet, she’ll kiss you with glee in her eyes.
You may live on a park bench all winter,
Yet she’ll make her home right by you.
No matter how high you fly
You’ll find she’s the wind, urging you to fly higher
No matter the depths to which you may plunge
She’ll be the brace to hold you from buckling over.

…you may not know her, yet when you find her,
You will know.

PS: Something to write other than a political commentary.


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