One day e go happen!

Lord keep me alive long after 2020,
When GEJ would have become a “nonentity”
Like the rest of us, “the ethnic majority”
Whom he asserts, hate his “minority”

Lord keep me alive, past 2020,
When GEJ will write with some “sincerity”
That Naija’s problem is “egunjerity”
And social insecurity, founded on barbarity

Lord, keep me, past the turn of next decade
When GEJ will be shorn of the cavalcade
Of Reuben, Labrador and the rest of the parade
When he’ll seek to be a progressive renegade

Baba l’óke, I pray Thee, overlook my presumption
And let me live to hear GEJ say that corruption
Is the putrefied and hellish foundation
That has bedevilled the life of this nation

Ah! On that day, I swear his mouth shall decay!
For I shall gladly match to Otuoke!
Armed with a holy slap from Baba l’óke
To make his mouth dance kedike!

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