We are Christians, em, no, we are Muslims.

Nigeria Has Been Polarised Along Ethnic Lines Since The Morning Of January 15 1966 When The 5 Majors Struck. This Animosity Is Often Loosely Clad In A Religious Babanriga, But Ethnicity Has Been A More Malevolent Factor In Many Of The Decisions Taken About The Destiny Of This Country. This Would Explain Why A Lt. Col Yakubu Gowon Was Deemed More Acceptable To The July 1966 Mutineers Than Brig. Ogundipe; Or Lt. Gen. T.Y Danjuma (a “Christian”) being made the head of the Nigeria Army in 1975. They were both Northerners, by the loose definition of the term. Other examples abound – Gen. J.N Dogonyaro, Gen. D. Bali, Gen. J.T “Jerry Boy” Useni – were all Christian of Northern extraction who rose to heights ordinarily shut out from Nigerians from minority ethnic groups.

magician-clipart-9cpnMagcE[1]Since dawn of the information age (read “gossip age”) in Nigeria, Nigerian rulers since the Independence have at one time or another been rumoured to have a retinue of spiritual advisers of all shades in their employ. The scope ranged from the aladura kind to marabouts or the occasional Okija shrine priest and of late, Daddy Bling and The Witch Slappers. It was something of a minor scandal, splashed across the pages of Prime People, Vintage People or City People. At its most harmful, it was benign gossip about the spiritual fears of our rulers

Things took a bad turn under Sani Abacha, whose  devotion to things fetish and spiritual assumed an international dimension, with marabouts reportedly imported from anywhere and everywhere to help consolidate his grip on power. Those were the dark days of the dark-goggled one. With his death, things reverted to the usual gossips and scandal of Okija and the Babalawo types.


Then came Daddy Goodie and his band of merry bling men. Over the past 12 months, the President and his coterie of spiritual swindlers have raised the religious black-tarring game to heights nearly as dangerous as what preceded the Civil War in 1967.  The endless racket of APC is a Muslim party has permeated just about any political discourse over the past 12 months. With the emergence of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari as its presidential elections flag bearer, the noise went from forte to fortissimo. Given the venomous propaganda spewed out, an observer from Mars would be forgiven for thinking that being a Muslim is the Nigerian equivalent of a hyena. Never mind the questionable antics of the gun-runner in cassock who accompanies the president on his now annual pilgrimage to Israel, you might be right to think the president is St. Peter’s reincarnate.

arab-man-with-turban_91-9830[1]With The Appointment Of Prof. Yemi Osinbajo As The Vice-Presidential Candidate Of The APC, The PDP Propaganda Machinery Made A Volte Face, Declaring Itself To Be The Party For Muslims. I Have Watched With Pain, Fear And Disgust, The Vice President, Mr. Namadi Sambo reiterate this whilst on the campaign trail.

This is needless depravity on the part of the president and his communication team. We are a nation already severely tested on ethnic grounds. Adding religious polemics to the mix is lighting fuse on a box of TNT. After the elections, regardless of who wins, this box will almost certainly be a conflagration. An uncontrolled one that would be more damaging than joys any electoral victories may confer.

Fear dey catch me.


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